Accounts and Inventory Management

A web based application to track all the day to day expenses along with company debtors, creditors, loans, invoices and more. It also has integrated inventory management as well as attendance system.

The below project was designed so that a proper check can be maintained over different types of expenses, employees, and storage of the particular company. Thus, it had a web based interface as well as an android application to check the reports on the go.


> Project Background

Managing a number of accounts of a company and multiple transactions taking place every hour can be challenging without a tool to process and organize tasks for each account and transaction separately. It is easy to mix up contacts or services, miss SLAs, or simply not have enough time to finish all the necessary tasks when handling multiple transactions. With account management software, these mix ups and delays can be overcome and a proper track of vcompany transaction can be maintained.

Also, working as a construction company, payments are being made to employees on a regular basic for different reasons and different sites. Thus, the given application also needs to handle employees accounts, their transaction relating to company along with managing the inventory on various sites as well as company store.


> Requirements and Features

The major features of the project includes:

  • Accounts management for different categories such as company, creditors, debtors and employess.
  • Invoice and bill management.
  • Attendance and salary calculations for the employees.
  • Quick company statistics on the go.
  • Various reports and data on regular basis to keep track of company growth.
  • Dedicated rights to different set of users such as site manager, accountants and owners.
  • Seperate section for loan management.
  • Seperate android app for company owners to get better insight of the company expenses, incomes and more.

> Project Visuals

> Technology Stack

We have used the Bootstrap framework to make the overall project completely responsive so as to facilitate multiple device support, ranging from desktop to mobile phone. The designing is done using the CSS and JS over the basic HTML elements with jQUERY runnning alongside to change data driven elements. In order to make the user experience even more powerful, AJAX has been deployed in most of the cases where request to the server side is needed. For the database, we chose MySQL as it was a fulfilling option as per the clients need. Lastly, the complete project is driven by PHP running as the scripting language.

To facilitate the ease of access for the company owners in terms of tracking the reports, android has been used to deploy the mobile application.